Hydration Beyond the Hype

Intense physical training demands advanced hydration, which is why professional athletes have been rehydrating with us for decades.
Pedialyte® Sport is the solution that works hard—just like you.

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With 3x the electrolytes and ¼ the sugars of the leading sports drink* Pedialyte® Sport is designed to repair muscles and replace lost electrolytes after hitting the gym. Pedialyte prioritizes electrolytes and hydration for athletes.

Pedialyte® works hard—just like you.

* Pedialyte Sport has 1380 mg sodium and no more than 14g sugars per liter; leading sports drink has ~460 mg sodium and ~58 g sugars per liter.

Feeling thirsty, but have no room for a liter? Pedialyte® Sport Powder Packs are convenient for on-the-go situations, like cycling or running. Simply tear open and pour into your water container of choice.

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Pedialyte® Sport Liters are formulated for athletes, providing advanced hydration. Toss into your gym bag and use as a pre- or postworkout drink.

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Key Electrolytes for Exercise

Pedialyte Sport has 5 key electrolytes that are lost when you sweat:


Key for muscle contraction and preventing muscle cramps


Critical for muscle and nerve function, along with heart and kidney health


Essential for fluid balance in the body and is lost with sodium in sweat


Key for energy production in the body and helps provide oxygen to the muscles


Helps with carbohydrate metabolism, the process of breaking down food to create energy for the body

Exercise & Dehydration

dehydration dehydration

Fluid and electrolyte loss of as little as 2% of your body weight may make it harder to sustain exercise, can increase your body temperature, and makes working out harder.

impact athletic-performance mental-performance

Pedialyte Sport is designed to help you maximize your workout and keep you at your best. Don’t let the negative effects of dehydration impact your performance—add Pedialyte Sport to your rehydration plan.